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What to use to write with?

When it comes to writing stories, many people ask the question; What do I use to write with?

Whatever you want really. Crayons, colored pencils, charcoal, ink, pencil, typewriter, computer, paper, doesn’t matter really.

What does matter is whether you want other people to read what you have to say.

I am one of those people that love to write. Articles, stories, thoughts, poems (though very sparingly), anything really. The day came when I got my smartphone. This was both a curse and a blessing. Here is that story.

I have been under the illusion that I should more popular than I am. Vain and shallow really. I understand that humility is by far better than being famous and well known. Well, a long story short and omitting tons of details that have brought me to this point is that I started writing on my phone. It was an iPhone 5c if anyone cares. (Yes, past tense is used here.)

So I did what lots of people do; I started a blog thing.

While I admit that I still to this day don’t understand the full point of a blog, I have one that I don’t access anymore. Shame because it has a couple good ones on it. Anyway, I started blogging. My version of blogging anyway.

I had some success with that. I didn’t gather a huge crowd, but people did read my stuff and that pleased me and the curse began. Everyday I would log in and look at the stats for it. People were reading my posts. This was encouraging for me. So I wrote more. The numbers eventually defeated me as I couldn’t get more than a few people to read what I had to say due to the lack of stupidity involved in my articles. You know the ones I referencing. Eventually this blog died, was resuscitated, and allowed to die again. I just didn’t understand the process. How to get people to read my stuff? In the end it didn’t matter as I went away from blogging.

I got into affiliate marketing with a website as my next endeavor. This was another obsession of mine as I struggled for over a year to discover my love for writing. It wasn’t that I didn’t have good things to say, it was that I didn’t have an interest in crap and the fruitless things in life.

BIG TIP: Unless you can morally write crap down on the page and prey upon people’s desire for stuff and can get an Amazon affiliate account, then pursue the affiliate game. In the 1 year that I did the affiliate game with 2 websites, I made a whooping $0. In fact, we actually lost money due to the investment in the whole thing.


Little did I know that God had lined up all this for me for a reason. Had I had success with the affiliate game, I would not have found my passion for story writing and article writing. This was a fantastic investment for me as I now love to write stories and stuff on my days off and love every minute of it.

Okay, backstory complete. Let’s get to the meat of the article. That’s why you’re here right?

What program to use for writing.

My #1 go to program for writing is Libre Office.

Remember what I said about affiliate marketing? Normally this would be where I would plug in my affiliate link for it. But, since this is not the game I play anymore, don’t worry about this.

Libre Office is a free download. It gives you several things that would cost you a small fortune should you chose to purchase a similar program from others.

  • Document Writer
  • Calc Spreadsheet
  • Impress Presentation
  • Draw Drawing
  • Math Formula
  • Base Database

What does it compare to?

I have been a Windows user ever since we purchased our first computer. Not that others are not good as well, its that this is the most practical for us. There is also Mac and Linux out there.

Document writer is a lot like Word, except in my opinion, much better.

To start with, I don’t get asked every time I start my computer, “New updates available, would you like to install now?” Are you kidding me? I just did that yesterday! That got on my nerves quickly and turned my love to hate for that reason.

Libre Office is also free. (Unless you want to be a good person and donate some money to it.) Free software that works incredibly well. Just like everything else with computers, once you learn it, it is second nature to use.

One of the best features in my opinion is the save icons. There is one at the top and one at the bottom. What I like about these is that when you change the document from the last saved version, the icon lights up. After you save the button becomes inactive. How clever. It tells you with a glance whether or not you saved it. No more asking, “Did I get this saved? Did it work?” You have visual proof that it did and can rest assured to close the program and not lose your hard work.

Another program to help with writing is called Grammarly.com

I have used this in the past. It does a good job of catching mistakes that people with English as a second language will benefit from. You can add it to the top menu much like the Pinterest button.

How this works is really neat. Add the button and then it will follow you around the web and give the squiggly lines that tell you something isn’t right. A bonus with this, it even follows you into comments on websites such as FB, Twitter, G+ and others. Now you will no longer sound like a illiterate person when commenting on something. A HUGE + for some people!

Have you ever wanted to have someone check your work for errors? Download your work into the Grammarly checker and run a check. It will pull up mistakes and possible fixes for it. Buy the premium version and get the better checker package.

Just a heads up: I’ve read into it and I personally wouldn’t buy the premium version as the basic version would contradict itself in that I would change something and it would immediately pull up the same thing and say it was needing attention. Just letting you know, some times it runs in circles. But, I have a particular writing voice and perhaps this is the cause.

Still worth a look into. (Plus, you can get an affiliate link through Shareasale. Those days are way far behind me and I probably will never dabble with them again.)

So what do you think? Was this helpful advice or not? Let me know what you think.

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