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What the Writer’s Corner is all about.

While I believe that learning should never stop, sometimes we get out of the habit. The Writer’s Corner is a place where you can see what I’m learning about. Also, helpful advice, tools to write with, people to follow, and more will be added as I continue down my path of being a writer.

I have a Pinterest Board that is completely dedicated to improving my writing and I add things to it every time I log in it seems like. Follow Zavier’s board Writing Related on Pinterest.

I also have found that I have a strong encouraging nature even if I rarely voice it. I try my hardest to make what I write useful and informative. However, just as much as I write entertainment stories, I also write encouragement and uplifting articles. Here is a board that has tons of empowering and encouragement crammed into a tiny area. Follow Zavier’s board Empowerment. on Pinterest.

Hopefully, you will be encouraged by my writing to pick up your laptop or pen and paper and write. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as you do it.

Get in touch with me on FB by going to the page set up for it. Here we can chat about story ideas and challenge each other with something. I have lots of ideas but not enough time to write them all. Ask me for an idea and I will definitely hook you up.

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