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Weathering the Storms.


The words within swell and crash upon my mind as the water breaks on the rocks. Constantly hitting me again and again without remorse. “Allow us in!” are the shouts I hear. “Do not withhold us, permit that we should be one with you” they beg.

“I cannot permit you.” My thoughts have been corrupted by you before and it shall not be so again.

“We are different now. We harbor no ill will that would make you want to refuse us. Please allow us permission.”

They have quieted down to gentle pressure. A small insignificant pressure that deceives one into thinking they can bear it alone. I ask myself, “Do I dare attempt wading through these calming flood waters? The storm is past and all that remains is this water in the streets.”

It would be a simple task to undertake. Just simply walk through the water. It offers little resistance to your efforts. Walk.

Tempting as it sounds, I know the hidden dangers of murky water. While water sustains life it also has an unquenchable thirst for victims. This devilish beast is smiling and toying with its prey.

“No. I will not allow you to manipulate my thoughts any longer. Be gone with you, I have no use of you.”

As the waters recede, I look around and see the destruction it caused. This has not been the worst storm I have seen in my life. It shall not be my last either.

(Dealing with hardships have often led me to writing out my feelings. It gives me a sense of release. It has been the safest method I have found.)

How do you weather your storms?

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