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Tonya Spartan pt 1

The young woman leaning against the handrail cast her eyes to the people playing basketball. She wasn’t into playing sports, yet, the competitiveness of sports was the draw for her. Complete strangers could come together and form a team, strategize on how to win, and execute it without much difficulty. While on the other hand, coworkers of hers couldn’t decide on the best marketing strategies. Her head spun with the irony.

Tonya was a solid framed woman. She worked out frequently and did kick-boxing after work. When she got home, she put her things away in their designated spots and readied her clothing and food for the next day. Her journal sat on the end table with a pen setting parallel to it. For the past year, it remained her only sympathetic companion willing to hear her pleas for resolve. Her compulsive personality put vices out of the question.

She settled down onto the couch for the evening. As she scrolled through the television channels, a knock sounded at the door.

Rent was paid, as well as all the bills. Nothing in her life was unexpected.

The peephole revealed an empty hallway. Tonya cracked the door open a hair. An envelope lay on the floor with her name penned in black ink. She shut the door and pulled the softball bat out of the closet. Slipping the chain off, she opened the door and leapt into the hallway with her bat ready to swing. There was no one there to receive her wrath. She retrieved the envelope and ducked back into the room, bolting and chaining the door shut.

She went to the table and felt the envelope. It was flat, only a page or two could be inside it. The penmanship on the outside was elegant and full of loops and swirls. Tonya had never seen her name inscribed so whimsically. Sliding her finger under the seal, she pulled out two pieces of paper. The first was graced with the same handwritten lettering and the second was a map.


Greetings Tonya,

You have been invited to participate in the first annual Arena Games where you will be competing against other players for the grand prize. We believe that you have the heart and determination to fully appreciate the Arena Games.

Enclosed you will find a map that is for you alone. This is a highly secretive event that is an invitation only experience. We hope that you will put yourself up for the adventure of a lifetime and join us for this event.

Instructions are included on the map and we hope to see you there.

Best Regards,

Arena Games staff.


The map was precise with instructions on the location and how to access it. Checking the date, she saw that it began in three days at seven in the evening.

The only question she had was:

Was she up for some adventure?





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