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She has a sad look on her face today. I wonder what is troubling her?

Normally a smile is ever present at her lips refusing to give way to the sadness of this world.

Has she lost something? Perhaps a ring or other piece of jewelry? Surely she would be much more distraught over something like that. Perhaps something else has occurred.

A death in the family? A distant cousin she has only met a time or two? Or maybe a great-aunt that is no longer here to patronize her about slightly overdone rolls. That seems like such a silly thought.

I should go over to her and ask her.

Would that make me look like a stalker or a weirdo? Should I risk it? How would I word it?

“Hi there. I’ve been secretly watching you for some time now and I couldn’t help but notice something is bothering you today. How do I know that? Well, see I have a huge crush on you but I’m petrified about speaking face to face with you.”

Yeah. That would go over well. Tomorrow my name would appear with the other civil discrepancies in the newspaper.

I can see it now, “Creep offends young woman in public.”

Who am I kidding? The best thing I can do now is put my head down in shame and allow her time to leave unnoticed by me.

I couldn’t think of anything better to do at the moment so I did just that.

I lost track of time wallowing in my self-pity. A soft, gentle voice finally spoke to me, “Are you okay?”

Without raising my head I spoke through my arms, “To a certain degree. But my doctor would probably say otherwise.”

“If you need to talk, you could stretch out on the table here and we could work it out.” A hint of sarcasm highlighted this person’s voice.

A wise-cracker huh?

“Sure, let’s talk about some stuff.” As I lifted my head, my vision returning its focus on a pair of vibrant violet eyes surrounded by the curly auburn hair that I knew all too well.

It was her.

At my table.

And she has a sense of humor!

Then it dawned on me how much of an idiot I must have sounded like. I was at a lose for words. Was there any saving this situation?

I was finally able to voice some of the thoughts flooding my mind, and I was blowing it!

Opening my mouth several times to speak, nothing came out. I could hear the countdown clicking away the seconds until she would add me to the list of eccentric people of the world and walk out of my life forever.

She brought me back to my senses as she reached forward, gently lifting with a playful finger under my jaw and giggled as my mouth came to close.

“If you leave that thing open like that, something is bound to build a nest in it.” She stood there with a smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

Here was my chance, “Did you learn that in Botany class?”


A mental hand slapped my forehead, “Right.”

“So do you still need to talk? I’ve got some time before my next class. Plus, I’ve not done a session on a table before.”

“What?” It then dawned on me what she was referring to. “No! I’m not crazy or anything. I was just trying to be funny.”

“Denial is a common characteristic trait for people needing therapy.”

Was she serious?

I must have had an odd look on my face because she dropped her gaze and giggled again.

My mad conversation skills were in overdrive today.

Composing herself and checking her watch, “Would you have time to walk me to class? It’s on the second floor of Charger Hall.”

I hadn’t blown it yet? “Yeah. I got the rest of the day actually.” I quickly got up as she turned and started walking.

As we walked, I noticed that she was making an effort to come closer. She fired the question, “You busy for dinner? My roommate is going home for the weekend. We could meet up at the cafe and grab something after my class.”

She just asked me for dinner?

“Let me check my schedule.” I pantomimed opening a book and flipping several pages, “Looks like I’m free for the evening.”

She giggled again sending chills up my spine, “By the way, my name’s Livie.”

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