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The Wedding

She was coming down the aisle towards me. I had gazed at her humble face countless times before this moment, but she stole my breath away. I didn’t fall in love with her based on her physical appearance. No, it was the beauty that was on the inside that convinced me that she was the most lovely woman on earth.

A bashful smile hinted at the corners of her mouth. It seemed like such a short time until this moment, but she already knew my thoughts. Her hair cascading around her face and trailing down her back in intricate braids and the candles lit within the lanterns cast shadows around the room but were not necessary to light up this young woman’s face. She beamed brighter with each passing step as the distance separating us dwindled.

I couldn’t help myself; a broad smile released itself upon my face filling me with joy and happiness. I never thought I would be at this moment that would change my life forever.

Within a few words, our lives would be forever interlocked and strongly affecting the other.

I stole a glance to my parents; Pops was okay but Mom was a mess. I stifled a laugh thinking about how many times she cried at weddings, funerals, and baby showers.

Looking over at my future in-laws proved the same; her dad was trying to be strong but beginning to break down and my soon to be mother-in-law was a river of tears as well.

This was a happy day for all.

A gentle touch on my shoulder brought me back to the moment, “Are you ready?” The older gentleman performing the ceremony was like a grandfather to me.

Releasing my pent up breath and allowing myself to focus on the moment I responded, “I do.”

“We’re not to that part yet.” A small chuckle escaped his lips expressing his joy for us.

His words began to come forth as a gentle flowing creek.

He finally arrived at the part that is the most memorable in all weddings, the vows. I stumbled only a few times over the phrases I picked out to say; wishing I had taken more time to practice them.

Next were her vows which flowed as water, “I promise to always love you regardless of our financial, spiritual, physical, or emotional state of being. You have my love now, and forever.”

After placing the rings, I awaited the words that I had longed to hear, “You may now kiss the bride.”

Our lips collided together with such force that all in the room knew without a doubt the love that we had for one another. That moment seemed to stretch into eternity as we pulled each other closer.

It wasn’t until we heard the cheering and encouragement from those present did we break our embrace.

The years have gone by without any dwindling of our love.

In fact, we love each other more with each passing day.

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  1. hibby83 February 18, 2016

    Very sweet! <3

    • Zavier Alexander February 23, 2016

      Thanks. I’ve been told that apparently I love my wife since it shows up in my writing at times.
      Zavier Alexander

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