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Rowdy and the Rabbits

“Come on, Rowdy.” Calling to his dog who was sniffing a bush, the boy and his dog hurry home, afraid to miss supper.

As they were nearing the final few hills near his home, a rabbit ran across their path and Rowdy took off after it. “Rowdy! Come on!” He tried to call Rowdy back, but he was already beyond sight in the bushes. “Why does he keep doing this? Letting out a big sigh, he jogged after his dog.

“Rowdy!” No matter how much he called his name, his dog was no where in sight. He knew that he would get in trouble for being late for supper, but he wasn’t going home without his friend. As he pushed through the bushes, he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

“What was that?” He said under his breath. Picking up his pace, he ran faster to catch up to what caught his eye. Was it the rabbit? Maybe it was something different. Father had warned him about coming into the forest without his dog for protection. Maybe nothing would happen this time and it wouldn’t matter.

Running up behind a large oak tree, he peeked his head around it to sneak a glance. What he saw took his breath away. A dozen white rabbits just like the one that crossed their path were gathered together in a small clearing. Rowdy was lying off to the side watching with a contented smile across his face. The rabbits began dancing in a small circle. It reminded him of the dances that the adults did at certain festivals throughout the year. A few of them began chipping at a steady rhythm in time with the dance. One jumped off to the side and began to thump the soft ground with his large furry foot. The excitement in the air escalated as the tempo increased. Getting caught up in the moment, the boy began softly tapping his foot in time with the music.

Rowdy stood and shook himself off and joined the circling rabbits as he too got lost in the moment. The boy let his jaw drop as he watched his dog dance and flip through the air with ease. He had no idea that rabbits and dogs had such a good time in the woods without humans ever knowing about it. As the music died away and the animals began to go their separate ways, the boy stepped around the tree as Rowdy approached him and shook himself off.

“I didn’t know that animals could dance.” The dog looked at him and winked one eye at him and continued on the path towards home. The boy remained frozen in his tracks. The dog not sensing his friend, turned and barked at him waking him from his stupor. Shaking his head and coming to his senses, the boy ran to catch up to his dog as they raced each other home.

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