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Light of the night

Another day has come and gone. Where did the time go? I was laughing and  enjoying my day. Why does it end now?

Who is responsible for robbing me of my happiness? Who was it that came and stole my joy? The sun’s warmth is gone now. There is nothing left. I see the moon just rising over the trees to offer consoling light.

“I see your sadness and grief. I have little to give and I am far away. Please accept this small gift of light so that a smile will once again return to your face. It is dark enough without your efforts tonight.”

Wiping the tears of anger and selfishness from my eyes I gazed up at this wonderful being that has been so generous to me.

“Why have you shown kindness to me? I don’t deserve it.”

The moon gentle and sincere, “It does not matter whether you deserve it or not. The light I offer you was given to me by someone greater than I.”

The loving look of a parent to child is cast upon me. This being actually cares about my happiness.

“How am I to have happiness when the ones I love leave me in the darkness? How am I to remain happy when it is so dark?”

A gentle chuckle from one with wisdom escapes his lips. “You are never alone. Even when you feel like no one is around, He still looks after you.”

“Who is He’?” I question.

“You have known Him for quite some time and you forget about Him so quickly? He is the Son. The one that gives light to all, including myself.”

“You shine with a power from within. No one gives it to you.”

Coming closer and putting an arm around my shoulders, “That is where you are wrong. I shine at night because I am given light. It is too much for me to keep to myself, so others are able to see it reflecting off of me.”

“But there are times when I cannot see even your light. If the light is so bright, why are you dark at times?”

Everyone at some point allows others to get in between them and the Light. This happens to me as well. It is difficult to shine for people at all times and the only one that is able to do so is the source of the Light. So allow a smile to return to your face knowing that He will once again shine His light on you.”

“It is hard to do. I feel alone at times.”

With a stern look in his eye, “Well if anyone should feel alone it’s me. No one comes to see me anymore. People used to visit me all the time staying for days at a time. Now, no one comes around. But I know that people like you depend on me to be as bright as possible so as to see in the darkness.”

“You have humbled me this evening. I now see that I have been selfish and uncaring of others.”

“Do not be too hard on yourself. You have a lot in store for yourself. Keep this in mind as you go your way; Keep shining as bright as possible. You might be the one that keeps others from stumbling in the darkness.”

A smile returned to me that evening. I named it Hope.

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