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Lazy day of freedom

When do you know you love someone? Is it when an inside joke can be shared without saying a word? Or perhaps a simple cock of an eyebrow can say more than words ever could.

When you love someone, you just know.

I wish I had someone to love. That special someone with whom I could go to in times of need. When I get scared at night and there is a small scratching sound at the window. Those times when I attend a wedding and get singled out as the only ‘available’ one when the bride and groom wish to bestow their good luck on the lucky victim.

Life is harsh when your single. But, on the other hand freedom is always my constant companion wherever I go. I have not experienced happiness before until I embraced this new-found friend I call freedom. It has been with me my entire life even more so than my shadow.

When I lay my head to the pillow at night, I can chose to sleep in the next day because who is going to know? The lady next door might. But that is just because she stares out the window every waking minute she has.

It’s Saturday at 9:37 AM and I’m just taking in the sunlight for the first time today. Stretching out like a cat, I wiggles my toes and flex my legs to get the blood going again. The extra sleep I caught made me wish that I was young again. Back in the day I could spring out of bed on four hours of sleep and be ready to go. Now I need to spring out of bed in the middle of the night to go use the bathroom. Funny how things change over time.

Eggs and coffee for breakfast. I’ve always practiced the act of eating breakfast regardless of the time of day I get going. Hello freedom. It’s a going to be a great day for us. No schedules, meetings, or idiot bosses to please.

I can already tell that nothing productive is going to get accomplished today as I’m looking out the window still in my underwear sipping away at my fresh brewed coffee. I love the freedom I have now. Why didn’t I know about this sooner? Why didn’t anyone tell me I could have this much luxury in my simple little life?

What would life be like if I got back with someone? Would it be better than what I have now? Would the companionship of someone be what I really wanted? Or was I still in shock about the situation of being single again?

As I pondered the thoughts that rolled by like the tumbleweeds of the desert, someone caught my eye. Could they see me standing here in my underwear? I calmly walked away as if nothing was wrong. So what if someone saw me in my underwear, I had gym class in high school. More got seen there than anywhere else I’ve been.

My phone buzzed on the counter-top. I really didn’t want to be bothered today. This was going to be my day filled with things just for me.

The display showed a message from the boss, “Ugh. What now?”

‘Enjoy your day off. You’ve earned it.’

That was nice of him. I held down the power button until the phone turned off returning me to the silence of the room. This was indeed a day of rest and I would absorb it as the lazy cat I was today.

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