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ITT happened to me. PT 2

ITT happened to me PT 2

Photo by Boriskin Vladislav

The peaceful slumber which I experienced during the night took on a new meaning for me. After seeing myself face to face feeling like a twin looking his brother in the eye, I knew that there was something more to this.

So I did what anyone else would, I started playing around with it.

Throwing caution to the wind, I looked forward to going to my nightly experiment. It was my chance to explore the world while my body rested. It also gave me a chance to be slightly mischievous.

My brother Hugh was the first victim. After the years of torment and mistreatment, I would finally have my revenge.

It started out with small things; hiding his wallet and keys, changing the time on his alarm clock, tying his shoe strings into difficult knots or simply hiding things.

I was invisible!

What was he going to do about it? I had stood right in front of him on several occasions and he never knew I was there. This was great!

Eventually Hugh began locking his bedroom door at night limiting the things I could do to him.

I had to find something else to do with my powers.

This led me to roaming around at night since it was a regular occurrence to separate from my body. It took some days to get accustomed to seeing my physical body sleeping at night while I was able to roam around fully awake and never tiring. When I woke in the mornings, I was always fully rested and refreshed. I didn’t know if the separation would cause sleeping disorders or not but after a few weeks of continually doing this each evening, I told myself that things would be okay.

I quickly discovered that there isn’t much going at night. Except for the places that are open 24 hours a day, activity was null.

The temperature didn’t seem to affect my invisible body at all. Normally, I would have to wear a coat to stay warm this late at night. Most of the time I would walk around in shorts and shirt. I couldn’t be seen so what did it matter what I wore?

I started going down to the local retail store to see what happens at night. Other than the random customer, it was rather boring there. I did take the liberty to fully explore the place. As long as I timed when I opened doors, no one had a clue I was there.

I found myself wanting to be in my bed asleep rather than roaming the streets a ghost at night. It seemed like such an odd thought. I had finally attained a super power, and I could only use it when there was absolutely nothing going on. What a waste.

The nights continued on like this for several days. I started finding that my life was getting extremely bland and mundane. Nothing exciting seemed to be happening. I was bored. Something needed to change.

That was when I had a thought, “What if people could hear me?”

This was definitely something worth trying.

Going to sleep that evening was difficult due to the fact that I was excited to try my new idea. After laying awake staring at the ceiling for what seemed like hours, I finally slipped off to sleep. As soon as I was separated, I ran out the door and flew down to the store. This was going to be fun.

It was early in the night with plenty of time to experiment on various people. Who would be the first? Employees? Shoppers? I scanned the area for anyone, when a guy caught my eye. He would suffice.

It wasn’t that I was picking on anyone, it was just that he was the first one to be seen. I rushed over to him and quietly crept next to him.

“What are you doing?” I said this in my normal speaking voice and was surprised at what happened. He simply finished the box he was stocking and picked it up and returned to his cart. “Can you hear me?” No response.

Maybe I wasn’t close enough. At this time he was coming back towards me. As he passed right in front of me I yelled as loud as I could. His reaction? Nothing. He kept walking and knelt down to stock the merchandise.

I felt like all the energy had been sucked out of me, it was as if I didn’t exist. I was truly invisible.

Standing there with my jaw ajar, I didn’t know what to do. I had lost all the joy and excitement for the entire night in less than a minute. What now?

It was then that I remembered tackling Hugh at home the first night and also being able to move things without my physical body. It was worth a shot.

I ran down to his cart loaded down with odd-shaped boxes and tried to push it. It moved with the slightest of efforts. I could at least do something in this form.

With renewed excitement, I waited for the guy to turn his attentions to his work and then started moving his cart slowly backwards. It wasn’t the best cart and one of the wheels would squeak. Each time it sounded it’s alarm I found myself freezing and hiding behind the boxes. I forgot that I couldn’t be seen but when you’re causing mischief, you just naturally hide.

He looked up a couple of times at the cart. Noticing that the cart was moving a little didn’t seem to bother him. I had been watching him from around the side of the cart. When he shifted his focus back to the shelf I grabbed the cart and took off down the aisle laughing wildly all the while.

This got his attention. When the end of the aisle approached, I slowed down and pulled the cart around the corner very slowly. The dumbfounded expression on his face was hysterical!

I then ran off laughing out loud. Oh the fun I could have tonight!

Life takes on a whole new meaning when you have a purpose. With my renewed vigor to cause mischief, I flew through the store searching for the next victim.

I spied her sitting by herself in a corner booth. Curiosity got the better of me, so I went over and sat down opposite her at the booth. It was dark in here. The smell of bleach was faint in the air from cleaning the tables. Something was different about this person, what was it?

I sat there looking at her for a long while. She was an interesting person to look at. Long dreadlocks flowed down her back while a brightly colored tank top shirt lit up her face. I found it interesting as well that she was wearing sunglasses indoors, but I remembered wearing shades indoors when I got headaches.

She surprised me when she spoke, “I knew you would come.”

I froze in my seat, no one was supposed to be able to see me. How did she know I was here and that I was coming?

Wide-eyed with fear I asked, “What do you mean? Can you see me?”

“Oh good, you can speak! I was afraid that you were a mute one. They are definitely the hardest to talk to. I can’t see you but I can see you.  Let me explain, I lost my sight of the physical world many years ago but gained an alternative sight instead. While I can’t see your actual shape, I can see your aura. What questions would you have for me tonight?”

I was at a lose for words. Here was someone that was blind, but yet, could see me. I was silent for several moments.

She was a very caring person, I could tell this by the way she spoke, “I know you haven’t left because I can still see your aura. Have I upset you? I only came tonight because the voice told me to.”

Voice? She was hearing voices? Was she crazier than I initially thought? “What voice?”

A big smile erupted across her face at the question, “Will you stay here with me and talk? I get very few visitors like you anymore.”

“Are you crazy because this is all freaking me out?!”

“You have modern speech patterns, are you still among the living? Do you still have a body?”

I sat back at this, “Its at home. I can separate from my body while I sleep.” I had never voiced this to anyone and it seemed strange coming from me now.

Her smile broadened revealing all the laugh lines she developed over the years, “You’re a dreamer!”

“I’m a dreamer? What do you mean?”

Clasping her hands on the table she explained with enthusiasm, “Dreamers is the name that I came up with for your condition. At first you will be able to separate from your body while sleeping, and then other things will follow if you don’t intercept them and deter them away.”

There was more to this? “What do you mean that there is more to this? Is that a good thing?”

Furrowing her brow thinking of the best way to explain, “Dreamers will often drift towards Shifters. Shifters are ones that can separate themselves from their bodies and then willingly manifest the bodies where they will. Think of it like teleporting. You separate yourself from your body and go somewhere, then when you wake up, your body will manifest itself wherever you are.”

My jaw had fallen open during her account of this new power that I could have. Teleportation was possible! Excitement rang in my voice, “How do I do this? What do I need to do?”

“It is something that happens to dreamers when they wake up. Have you been separated from your body when you wake up or have you returned to yourself each morning?”

“I’ve always gone back to myself in the mornings.”

“And your body eagerly accepts you back?”


“I see.” She was quite for while deep in thought. “At this point you have a choice to make, you can either keep doing the things that you are doing now or do other things.”

I thought about this for a moment, “Isn’t that the way all choices are made? If I don’t like something I can change it?”

The corners of her lips raised into a knowing smile, “Yes. You are quite right.”

“You can continue along your path as you are a Dreamer. Nothing bad will happen to you as long as you return to yourself before you awaken.”

“What happens if I don’t return? Will I die?”

“You will not die immediately, but the threat of dieing will come one step closer.”

I needed to know more. “Would you explain?”

“My time is short as this night draws to a close.” She spoke quickly, “If you are separated from your body, when it awakens, it will begin hunting you. Upon finding you, it manifests itself in your presence and claims you back to itself. And you become one. However, if a dreamer does this too many times, it becomes harder for the body to find you. Also, if you travel too far from your body, it will not be able to find you. That is when you will start to hear the voice. Once the voice enters your head, know that death is near.”

I wasn’t able to bear this heavy news. Dropping my eyes to my hands, I tried to sort out what she could have meant. Teleportation, death, becoming one, voices…

Finally, I asked, “What do you mean by ‘death is near’?”

When she didn’t respond, I looked up to see that she was gone.

Looking around the room revealed no one.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Looking up at the clock, horror struck me in the chest.


My alarm was set for 6:00. Knocking over stacked chairs, I flew homeward with all speed possible.

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  1. hibby83 January 12, 2016

    OK, so part 1 didn’t have my completely hooked but curious enough to want to read part 2. It started slow, something not quite deep like my teens would read, however, by the end of the story I got goosebumps and it intrigued me. Moved into deeper territory and has me excited for part 3!!! PS, most stories start off shallow in the first couple of chapters to me, but a good one will hook me, I can see this is going to be a good one!

    • admin January 12, 2016

      Hey hibby83, thanks for leaving a comment on the series.
      I’ve been having fun with this series as it is something I’ve not done yet. Writing a series has proved to raise a lot of questions involving length and depth of storyline. I hope that part 3 lives up to your expectations. Its nice to hear that people enjoy the stories as much as I do.
      Zavier Alexander

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