So while short stories are my main interest that I like to write, other things peak out from time to time as well. The following list is books I’m working on here and there when I want to escape this world.

The Soldier.

I shouldn’t be here.” The young boy said.
“Me neither kid.” The voice came from the man next to him. “I was offered honorable discharge but instead, I felt I had to prove something. I just wanted to make my girl proud of me.” As the man turned his head, one eye was bandaged over. “I may only have one eye now, but it should have been plain to see before. I probably will never see her again.”
“Who?” The young boy asked trying to bluff past the fear building inside.
“My wife. I was only married 2 years before the guard came for me. Most men don’t see their families after the guard enlistment. Albeit to gluttonous, dumb kings and all.” 
The young boy was lost in thought. All his hopes and dreams had led him to this point.
For as far as the eye could see, soldiers stood at the ready in their divisions. Archers held the higher grounds protected by the cavalries. Pole men stood with the front infantry. Bombers operated the catapults. Armored wagons containing Cha’Roon strategically littered the opposing army. The Cha’Roon were not without their guard. Nine feet tall battle ogres surrounded the wagons.
Nearly untamable, the battle ogre was a love/hate relationship. As they were instinct-driven and of low intelligence they held a pressing desire for fighting. If a battle ogre were to taste blood it would berserk. It mattered not to the ogre whose blood was spilled, as long as it got to taste it. The only way to stop a berserking battle ogre was to kill it. Killing one was a feat in itself, and each of the Cha’Roon wagons was supported by six.
“Hey kid! Wake up!”
Coming to himself again, despair began to settle in as the march had been sounded. The war was about to begin. 
In the near future, war is not fought with chemicals or guns. It is fought with pride and bloodshed. When King Axius issued the proclamation that all feuding providences and countries were to settle their differences on the battle field, most of the fighting stopped. But when an issue was grand enough to require a battle, a Judge was required to oversee the battle.
Battle regulations issued by
King Axius must be adhered to; otherwise the Judge would step in and correct any wrong doing. Cheating was not allowed and weapons could only include non-ballistics operated by hand. Catapults were the only ballistics allowed as long as they were hand powered. Anyone caught breaking a rule would incur the penalty of death.
Ride along with The Soldier and experience something you’ve only dreamed about.

Your Circle of Influence

My version of a self-help book. I’ve struggled with things in my life and this is how I’ve overcome many of them.

A story about 2 certain animals and their adventures.

This is all I want to say about it because I don’t want to give anything away. I hope to develop a series of kid books with these 2 characters.


That’s about it other than the typical stuff that you can find on my website.