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I didn’t know the exact day.

By my count, I’ve been here for over three months now in the same room eating the same food and drinking the same treated water. The tortures they have put me through are starting to wear me down.

Saying the food is bland would be an understatement. What appears to be applesauce in the upper left area of the plate is completely devoid of flavor. The strange paste beside it is similar to chalk mixed with water. The meat is undeniably the worst of all. I’ve tried to figure out the origin of the ‘meat’ but I’ve given up on it.

As of late, I’ve taken to mixing in some dirt and dust from the room to add something to taste to the meals. The room is starting to look much cleaner from this effort. My only hope is that I don’t start licking the walls and windows.

The white walls and single window have nearly driven me mad. I’ve not seen another person since I was brought here. I often thought back to the time when I was in my normal life.

Experiencing financial setbacks had forced my hand at looking for additional income. Finding an ad that offered financial compensation for medicinal experimentation peaked my interest. I responded to the location listed in the ad and that was when my life was changed.

It was an unused part of town near the docks. Many of the buildings in this area were unused or abandoned, lending to it being the opportune area for ‘meet ups’ from drug dealers and other questionable types.

Turning to leave, I was grabbed by several hooded men and thrown into a van that sped away to some other part of town. Trying to resist only resulted in getting myself clubbed without remorse. I laid prostrate on the floor of the van and wept until my eyes went dry.

The guy nearest my head had a short temper and threatened me to be quite. I was so lost within the sadness and disparity that the heel of his boot connected with my face and blackness consumed me.

After regaining my senses, I found myself in this same white room that has imprisoned me for the last several months.

The first few days were spent searching the room to find a weak point, something that I could use to my advantage. Despair soon overtook my thoughts. I had no idea where I was nor what was going on.

Trying to keep track of the days proved difficult because the lights never dimmed nor turned out. They were always on, always illuminating the room. The best I could do was count the times when I slept. This proved ineffective because I turned to sleeping often out of boredom.

After several days the food and water started appearing. A small area of the wall would slide to the left and then the plate with the food would appear followed by the disgusting and foul smelling water. Once the food and water were delivered, the wall would restore itself, sealing me in the room again.

This happened for weeks and then months. I thought I would die here. That was when I came up with my plan to lure them in here. What did I have to lose?

I laid in the corner that served as my sleeping area and didn’t move. The hours added unto themselves until finally the wall opened to deliver the food and water. After ignoring it for long enough, I heard the plate of food hit the floor with a crash and the water followed suit.

This carried on for days as I refused to move from my spot. When they finally dragged me out of the room, I was too weak to do anything about it. I had escaped the white room and into a dark room.

I didn’t know which was worse, the blinding whiteness of the previous room or the ever stretching blackness of this one.

I was shackled at the ankles and wrists forcing me to remain stretched and suspended off the ground. Regret set in within a few hours after being attached to this frame. A small, single led lit my face. The red light quickly became the victim of my wrath and fury. Hatred fumed from me as blurred figures force fed me with some tube thing.

I was happy to have my appetite sated, now I could focus on my newest prison cell and how to escape it. After the ‘feeding crew’ left, I heard a gentle whirring of an electric fan humming in a corner. This noise and the red led light were my new companions for this room.

Just like the white room, the darkness continued with the single red light staring me in the face.

Someone entered the room from behind me cluing me in on the way out of this room if I could escape.

It was dressed in black and hooded. The smaller frame and delicate use of the hands, I guessed it to be female. Whatever secret this place held, I wished to be far from it.

I pleaded with her. I begged her to let me go as she cut away my shirt and attached small stickers to various parts of my body.

Continued pleas and tears were not affecting her at all. If she was moved at all, the hood she donned concealed it well.

Next came the wires. Each sticker was attached to a wire which was plugged into a particular area of some machine she had wheeled from across the room. I had a bad feeling about it all and no sooner had she finished the job and adjusted some dials did it confirm my suspicion.

Lights on the machine began to blink and I could tell the machine was accumulating power as it started beeping and whirring to life. With the tempo increasing and the beeping built up to a tremendous pace, it finally flat-lined.

With a couple of switches flipped, I knew what was coming next. I only hoped that I would survive it.

She walked behind me and I could hear a hissing noise as something built up pressure. Cold water began to soak my entire being driving the breath right out of me.

With the water off, she came back around and faced me. Her hood prevented me from seeing anything about her face. She raised a damp cloth level with my face and twisted it tightly. Offering it to me meant one thing; pain was soon to follow.

I opened my mouth and she placed the cloth into my mouth. Biting down on it released moisture into my mouth bringing relief to my dry mouth.

Back at the machine, she flipped a switch and all evil came from above and below to find my body in the middle of an epic battle.

The pain was incredible. I had never experienced pain on this level before. As the electricity coursed through my body, my jaw locked down on the cloth as agony flew from my throat.

Involuntary strength ripped through my body as the electricity mocked my will and refused to release control of my limbs. I thought my arms and legs would pull themselves loose at any second.

If this was death approaching, I welcomed it heartily.

With my eyes sealed shut, I prayed that I would die and be rid of this torture.

My body went limp as the electricity was stopped. She removed the cloth from my mouth and shone a pen light into my eyes. I had a hard time keeping my head up and my breath was ragged.

She walked back over to the machine and began to flip a sequence of switches again. The machine began the familiar sounds as it built up power for me again. The second round was about to begin.

I pleaded with her to let me go, only to fall on deaf ears.

The machine flat-lined again as I was soaked down with water a second time and the damp, twisted cloth placed into my mouth. I shook my head as she walked away, I didn’t know how much of this I would be able to withstand.

The electricity raged through my body and released its power in me. I howled with pain as my muscles pulled and cramped against themselves. Blackness overtook my sight as my head arched backwards and my eyes forced shut.

Laying awake in the bed, I couldn’t remember much that happened after the dark room as I woke up in another room. The bed was a typical recovery type used in a hospital. They were concerned enough to keep me alive for further testing no doubt.

I turned my head to look out the unbarred window of the room. Darkness spoke of the late hours of the night. If I had any chance of escaping this place, it was now.

Carefully easing out of the bed was a little more difficult than I imagined. Laying on the floor for days and then being hamstrung for hours was hard on one’s body. I took a minute to stretch my muscles. It wouldn’t do any good at all to cramp up while trying to run away.

With the time weighing heavy on my mind, I knew that I had to leave now.

Checking the closets for my clothing was a good idea because I found them in the one closer to the window. I was surprised to see a new shirt to replace the one that was cut to pieces. Scrambling to get dressed before anyone found me, I peered out the window and was relieved to see that I was on ground level.

It was now or never.

Opening the window was laboriously slow. With the crank turning in such a small circle, it inched the window open. Finally it was opened enough for me to exit through. I was prepared to run like the wind and not look back.

With my feet on the ground, I tried to push the window closed to hide my escape. It didn’t budge. With darkness on my side, I began my race to freedom.

The outer wall stopped me for only a moment. I wouldn’t be held back now, not after all I’d been through. It was a large brick wall and I found myself wishing that I had taken my brother up on his free parkour lessons. My only choice was to race along side it until I found an area to scale.

Coming to the front gate was not only the most riskiest area, but the only area that would allow me freedom. Grabbing the black iron bars and ascending quickly, the top would prove difficult. Sharp spear-like decorations accented the top bar slowing my progress. As I swung my leg over the top, my shirt caught one of the points, forcing me to rise higher to unhook myself.

Gravity was never my friend. Halfway down, my left foot slipped and gravity had its way with me. As the ground came to greet me, I prayed that my legs wouldn’t break.

“Roll when you land,” I could hear my brother’s advice in my head. If I remembered anything about parkour, I’m glad it was this.

Bracing for the impact to come, I pictured in my mind what I was going to do. My feet slammed into the ground and I began my roll. It wasn’t as graceful as my brother’s, but none-the-less served its purpose.

Up on my feet, I began to fly towards the trees.

The brush was thicker here than I wanted it to be. It slowed my progress considerably but also hid my trail. Under the canopy of the oaks and maples, my vision was challenged to its limits.

Resorting to holding my hands out in front of me, I bumped my way through the trees. Lights soon began to appear as I grew closer to the edge of the trees. I was soon able to hear water lapping at the shoreline of the harbor. Coming to a chain-link fence, I could see through a damaged portion that freedom was near.

Vehicles were flying across the bridge leaving lines of red and white lights in my vision. Scaling the fence, I raced to catch a ride and gain my life back once again.

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