This is always an awkward page for writers due to the fact that they need to write about themselves. You either love it or hate it.

Zavier Alexander is a guy unlike any other guy you could met. He has an unquenchable appetite and a passion for waffles. Growing up to be a tall sort of fella, (as the website name implies) he never had any trouble reaching the top shelf for those pesky items in the grocery store that account for more items being broken than any other shelf level.

With a humor that produces the most heart-felt laughter, he is always willing to try to bring a smile on someone’s face.

“When people are smiling, they are forgetting their troubles.” Zavier Alexander.

But, who is the mastermind behind Zavier Alexander? If he went by his real name he would need to hire a bodyguard to keep people at bay while he grabs his waffle mix in the store.


No. I am not popular and I hope to never reach a point where I need to push people back to keep my peace. Why anyone would want that sort of life is beyond me.

Zavier lives in the heart of the USA. “Right smake dab in the centr'” as cousin Jeb would say. (Wow, I’m having way too much fun not writing about myself.)

With a serious tone, “I’m happily married since 2005 and have 1 dog, 2 cats, and a loving God.” This is the real me.

I love writing in general. I have loved to read ever since I came across the Greek mythology books at our school’s library. I love literature and have developed my own style of writing by means of “venting it out”. I think the main reason I love literature in any form is because for the time that you are reading or writing, you are light-years away from your daily self.

I really try to write stories that take people to places they would love to go. I would love to live in the worlds that I’ve conjured up in my head regardless of how hard it would have been. But, I’m also okay living in the world my God has created.

While I love writing short stories as I call them, I also challenge myself to write outside my comfort zone. I have several books that I tinker with now and again including such titles as:

  • The Soldier
  • Train your money better than your dog.
  • (One about a couple that are dating but am unsure as to what this will become?)

I’m just like any other introverted guy. I have few friends and would much rather have a conversation with text than be on the phone. Provided that the other person can remotely spell. Some people just make you scratch your head and say, “Huh?”

My true love of words on the paper came from my bad hearing really. It is difficult to talk with people due to the fact that at best I might understand 75% of the conversation and make up the other 25%. Sometimes this really backfires though!

This is just my little page to let you know that Zavier Alexander is a real person behind a keyboard and not a collection of people posing to be someone. I heard this as a possible theory behind the name William Shakespeare. Who knows, right?

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe to the email list where you will get an automatic email from me everytime a new work becomes available on my website. I hope you enjoy my stories and thoughts as much as I do.

Zavier Alexander